I am a nonconformist, a lover, a poet, and a dreamer. If have had a mildy interesting life. Most of the things I have accomplished in my life are intangeable to most people, so I don't expect people to understand me in the slightest. Very few special people understand me.

I have written a brief autobiography of myself containing a basic life story and a few thoughts.

Though I may have a differing profession I am a writer at heart. I cannot acclaim my writings to be the healing balm to the world or even of any interest to others. But, to me they are the embodiment of struggle, love, hope and life. I have prepared some of my literary creations for Internet usage.

If you are human you must see the Silliness Page!
I am also enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserves in the 786th QM company in Provo, Utah. I graduated from West Jordan High School in June of 1996.

email: david@u.cc.utah.edu

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